An awareness of values:
our procurement.

Our procurement is based on transparent processes and clear considerations. The foremost principles involved are intrinsic value and constant improvement. Here is the KME Mansfeld Procurement Model:

KME Mansfeld Procurement Model

The buyer is, for defined groups of goods, the manager responsible for the entire procurement process from the essential user all the way to the supplier.

We are driven by intrinsic value and constant improvement

  • We are the driving force behind optimising the procurement of materials and services, and that is how we contribute towards the company’s results.
  • Our decisions are based on the consideration of every aspect of economy and intrinsic value.
  • We work strategically with our suppliers with a view to long-term success. This is reflected in the criteria we apply when awarding contracts.
  • Efficient processes and tools are part of our work – and we continuously develop them.

We take responsibility and promote collaboration

  • We take comprehensive responsibility for the entire procurement process, from the emergence of demand all the way to optimising the way we work with our suppliers.
  • We work closely with our internal customers in the production and technical departments, and serve common processes as a priority.
  • We consider ourselves experts in procurement, and consultants to our essential users; decisions to award contracts are made jointly and on the basis of criteria that can be clearly understood.
  • Our work is based on trust, fairness and partnership with our suppliers, and we expect the same of them.
  • We adhere to the KME compliance rules, which means we uphold ethical and legal standards.

Striving for global reach

  • We draw together our expertise into one consolidated buying organisation.
  • We incorporate international KME locations into our strategy in the relevant areas.
  • We act competently in all of the relevant procurement markets, including foreign ones.

We expect our staff to develop, and we promote them to that end

  • Our employees enjoy scope to structure their own work and exercise their own responsibility, and are led on the basis of objectives.
  • Outstanding process and methodical expertise, as well as technical and personal skills, form the foundation of our successful work as a team.