In our prime

The region of Mansfeld has been a mining region for more than 800 years and the town of Hettstedt has more than a century of experience with copper. That is what makes KME Mansfeld GmbH so special. Copper has never just been a product to KME Mansfeld. To many of us here it is like family – and many of our staff are already second or third generation. We’re proud of that.

KME Mansfeld’s history – from the 1909 joint stock company, via trade union federation and East German co-operative Planbetrieb, to today’s KME Mansfeld GmbH – is impossible to tell in just a few sentences. What we can say is that tradition and innovation belong together at KME Mansfeld. That can be seen in every phase of our company development. A chronological overview shows some of the most important milestones. There are various commemorative publications containing more detailed information about the corporate, product and technological history of KME Mansfeld:

  • On the 100th anniversary of Mansfelder Kupfer und Messing GmbH, published by MKM GmbH, Hettstedt 2009
  • 100 years of wire production, published by MKM GmbH, Hettstedt 2009
  • 100 years of the Wide Reverse Mill at MKM Mansfelder Kupfer und Messing GmbH, published by MKM GmbH, Hettstedt 2010
  • 1199 Discovery of copper shale near Hettstedt
  • 1818 Commencement of further processing of copper hammers in Rothenburg on the river Saale
  • 1907 Decision to build the Hettstedt copper and brass works
  • 1909 Founding and commencement of production of the wire-rolling mill
  • 1910 Commencement of operations of the new reverse rolling mills
  • 1912 Start of the copper sheet rolling mill, wire-drawing mill, bar line
  • 1916 Commencement of operations of the strip rolling mill
  • 1935 Commencement of production of aluminium semi-finished products
  • 1946 Conversion for operation in the Soviet corporation
  • 1970 Incorporation into the VEB Mansfeld combine, "Wilhelm Pieck"
  • 1981 New fine-wire pull, SM bolt foundry, strip rolling mill II
  • 1990 Founding of the rolling mill Hettstedt AG, administered by the "Treuhand" agency
  • 1995 Privatization and takeover by the Belgian Lamitref Group
  • 1998 Start of new anode operations
  • 1999 Opening of a new DGW plant and Conti M®
  • 2004 Takeover by Kazakhmys plc.
  • 2013 Acquired by Copper 1909 Bidco GmbH
  • 2019 Takeover by KME