We’re always looking for people.
And offering good prospects.

The term ‘worker’ is a common one, but it is to a certain extent misleading. If you consider how hard people try to give their very best day after day, then work or employment seems like an understatement.

The people who work at MKM enjoy taking initiative and doing things themselves. True, there are limits to everything. Yet at every level we prefer one idea too many than one too few. Today’s professional world is challenging and competition is global.

Here at MKM we are responding to that. We promote a culture of ideas. We cultivate diversity of talent. And we value and appreciate one another. We know that people perform better if they are accepted and if they don’t feel they have to justify themselves, whether for their culture, ethnology, religion, sexuality or anything else.

People who are appreciated are strong. They are strong in their diversity and in the way they perform. Those are the people we are looking for. Even if their contract is that of an employee.