Happiness and health – they’re one department at KME Mansfeld.

At KME Mansfeld, the safety and health of our workers are crucial. We want every single member of our workforce to return home healthy and well. Our foremost aim is to prevent accidents, work-related illness and inappropriate physical and mental strain at work. 

Our occupational safety aims are measureable. We assess them closely by means of regular audits, inspections and management reviews in order to see whether we are achieving them, and we extrapolate actions swiftly from that. Our aims are based on the results of our assessment of risks, dangers and accident statistics.

Our occupational safety management is based on a code of conduct:

Exemplary leadership

Occupational safety is an elementary aspect of management. KME managers are role models. They check whether aims are being reached and are committed to ensuring that every member of staff is able to act with an awareness of safety and health.


Our staff take responsibility themselves and help shape the process. They are obliged to actively assist in occupational safety as far as they are able.

Voluntary commitment

We try to make every stage of our production process as environmentally compatible as possible, to protect natural resources, and to minimise unavoidable environmental effects. Laws, regulations, directives and standards are minimum requirements. We naturally uphold those minimum requirements as well as the commitments which we ourselves have undertaken. If they are breached we take appropriate action.

Expectations of partner companies

The standards we apply to ourselves also apply to our partner companies and third parties. We take this into consideration when choosing to work together with other firms.

Occupational safety pays off

Management makes available the resources needed to consistently implement our occupational safety guidelines and to achieve the aims we have set ourselves. Occupational safety and profitable business are not mutually exclusive. The safety and health of our employees demands special consideration when making business decisions and considering financial factors.

Teaching occupational safety

We openly inform people and promote occupational safety knowledge and safety awareness among our staff by means of targeted training courses.