Less is more.
Resource efficiency at KME Mansfeld.

To us it is quite natural to maintain high environmental standards. Efficient use of resources makes ecological as well as economic sense. Our aim is to use resources as efficiently as possible and to reduce imissions, emissions and the waste we produce. We reduce the use of raw materials by recycling our own copper waste and that of our business partners. We are working on minimising the use of fresh water by recycling wastewater from different areas of production and reusing it. We are reducing our use of natural gas by utilising heat given off by our smelting and production systems, the aim being to protect natural resources.

Ecofriendly operating supplies

We strive to purchase ecofriendly operating supplies so as to reduce the amount of dangerous waste we produce. We inform our customers fully about our products, and thus enable them to use them in an environmentally friendly way.

Regular auditing of KME Mansfeld and its suppliers

We work closely with local authorities when implementing new legal regulations and permits. We regularly assess and evaluate our environmental behaviour as part of our annual safety conference. We also expect our suppliers and contractors to exhibit equally sound environmental behaviour, and we check this by means of the appropriate certifications. In compliance with the new European Chemical regulations – REACH – we ensure that only registered substances (metals) are contained in our products.

REACH – securing quality standards early on

As a producer of copper semi-finished goods, KME Mansfeld is not obliged by REACH to register, but despite this we pre-registered a total of 16 metals and substances in September 2008 with the European Chemical Agency (ECHA). Phase-in-substances are quantities greater than one t/a which we use or wish to use to manufacture our products. These include:

Chemical symbol CAS number
Silver Ag 7440-22-4
Aluminium Al 7429-90-5
Cerium Ce 7440-45-1
Chrome Cr 7440-47-3
Copper Cu 7440-50-8
Iron Fe 7439-89-6
Manganese Mn 7439-96-5
Nickel Ni 7440-02-0
Phosphorus P 7723-14-0
Lead Pb 7439-92-1
Sulphur S 7704-34-9
Tin Sn 7440-31-5
Zinc Zn 7440-66-6

Because copper is essential to our business, we registered this metal on 09.11.2010, also in the interests of our customers. This enables us to purchase copper of a defined quality in order to secure our production.

Our registration dossier can be viewed at KME Mansfeld on request.

Declaration of conformity in the download area.