Naturally climate-friendly.
But that’s not all.

Copper is naturally climate-friendly. According to calculations published by the Eco Institute in Freiburg, its global warming potential per kilogram of primary metal is two kilograms of CO2 equivalent. By comparison, a kilogram of gold has a global warming potential of 18,000 kilograms of CO2 equivalent. Gold’s cumulative energy consumption per kilogram of primary metal is also 8,700 times higher than copper’s. Yet the absolute energy expenditure in the production of copper is high nevertheless. Because the energy used to obtain copper from recycled materials is as much as 90% less than that required to obtain copper from ore, KME Mansfeld uses recycled copper in addition to ore. And of course, the company is very serious about saving energy and protecting the environment when it produces its copper products. We have already actioned a comprehensive spread of measures to significantly increase our energy efficiency. KME Mansfeld has introduced an energy management system based on the international standard DIN EN ISO 5001, which it applies consistently and successfully.

Our primary focus is on the energy-intensive production of primary materials and semi-finished goods using copper and copper alloys. We have already significantly improved the energy-efficiency of our production by increasing the proportion of recycled material and by integrating the recycling of heat in our continuous cast-rolling technologies.

Of course, we also strive for efficiency in every other area. In order to achieve lasting savings throughout the company, our energy management team regularly identify other areas of potential and develop proposals about how to capitalise on them. Other important elements of the system are the continuous training and informing of our workforce.

Certification was done by Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance GmbH, Cologne. Certificate DIN EN ISO 50001