To us that means everybody.

Sustainability is on everybody’s lips nowadays. But it has long been practised in the traditional, sparsely populated Mansfelder Land region. Sustainability always goes hand in hand with quality, since only if something is good can it claim to last.

Copper has always had a good ecological balance. That is because copper can be recycled countless times without any loss of quality. Recycling a tonne of copper saves 62% in CO2 emissions compared with the primary process. That means 3.42 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of copper. Forty to fifty percent of all copper applications now in circulation consist of recycled materials. But sustainability vis-à-vis nature is just one dimension. It is also important that the people working in the copper industry and the products manufactured by them are committed to the principle of sustainability. Transparency and quality are key aspects of this. KME Mansfeld strives for both. We wish to grow, but we wish to do so ecologically sustainably, and this we aim to demonstrate in our ecological balance sheets.