Hot-wired to the future.

KME Mansfeld supplies the entire spectrum of cast-rolled wire, from thick, medium and fine wire to wire rope and stranded wire. Our fully integrated Contirod® technology allows us to offer copper wire rope and alloy wire at a wide range of finish levels.

Our recently commissioned new production plant for cast wire enables us ourselves to manufacture cast wire for special applications such as oxygen-free, highly conductive copper wire with a copper content of more than 99.95%. This is used in special profiles employed in the electrical and automotive industry as well as telecommunications. It extends our value-adding depth, gives us additional flexibility, and enlarges our capacity to produce special products by around 6,000 tonnes a year. Copper wires with very varied combinations of properties have been part of our production and delivery range since 1909.

By opting for KME Mansfeld wire products you are choosing:

  • maximum diversity of products and dimensions
  • integrated production
  • flexible machinery that is constantly being upgraded
  • more than a century of experience across the entire spectrum of copper production and processing
  • a highly qualified workforce
  • comprehensive advice and support for:
    • product development
    • choosing surface qualities
    • using new material qualities and alloys
    • optimising the use of materials (diameters and cross-sections)
    • developing new applications
    • improving business and technological processes
  • product- and order-specific packaging