Perfection in the pipeline.
Building installation with HETCU®.

Our HETCU® and HETCOOL® copper tube families have made us a long-standing partner to industry, construction, heating, plumbing, refrigeration and air conditioning. Both product families are outstandingly well established in the market. HETCU® is our main product for heating, building installations and sanitary plumbing. Derivatives like HETCU®-plus, (HETCU®-plus50 and HETCU®-plus 100), HETCU®-therm and HETCU®-solar are based on the main product and offer additional properties for their various areas of application.

HETCOOL® is our main product for refrigeration and air conditioning installations. Again we offer additional specifications (HETCOOL®-plus50, HETCOOL®-plus 100).

By opting for HETCU® and HETCOOL® from KME Mansfeld you are choosing:

  • technically grease-free, clean surfaces
  • maximum diversity of products and dimensions (diameters)
  • a product manufactured and tested using tolerances based on general industrial standards or customer standards
  • comprehensive support and advice during the selection process
  • decades of experience involving standard and specialised requirements
  • a durable, vibrant, versatile and maintenance-free material
  • a material that is easy and flexible to process
  • a recyclable, ecologically and economically competitive material
  • a huge variety of product shapes and thicknesses
  • integrated production – all from a single source
  • a highly qualified workforce
  • more than a century of experience across the entire spectrum of copper production and processing
  • a highly qualified workforce
  • comprehensive advice and support for:
    • product development
    • surface qualities
    • new material qualities and alloys
    • optimising the use of materials (diameters and cross-sections)
    • developing new applications
    • improving business and technological processes
  • product- and order-specific packaging