Modern technology is getting smart.
MKM transformer strip already is.

Transformer strip is used in transformers for electrical engineering and in power distribution, which means in power plants and substations, in local distribution networks, in wind power, industrial plant and the power adaptors belonging to electronic devices.

Transformers have hearts – hearts made of coils of wound copper. The principle is always the same, whether in large-scale transformers, power transformers, oil distribution or cast resin transformers.

Typical areas of use

Here are some of the areas in which transformer strip is used:

  • Power and electrical engineering
  • Industrial systems
  • Wind farms


All MKM products come in specially made, standard-compliant, secure packaging. This guarantees retention of shape, ensuring that a product’s properties are preserved to the utmost after leaving the factory. Sea-freight packaging is something else we offer as standard. We can assess individual requirements provided they can be presented technically, and offer them for an extra charge.