Responsibility in the supply chain at KME Mansfeld: Conflict Minerals

The “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform” and the “Consumer Protection Act (Wall Street Reform Act)” have been in effect since July 2010.

This reform imposes specific obligations regarding documentation and publication on the companies that use such materials.

As a tin-processing company, we are aware of the political sensitivity of this topic and do not support rebel fights in the regions concerned. In this respect, we campaign - at our suppliers - for transparency and traceability in the supply chain down to the smelters and demand the disclosure of the tin origin.  

As a user of pure tin, we do not have a direct influence on the origin of materials used by our suppliers.

We purchase all materials exclusively from well-known suppliers who confirm that they comply with the obligations mentioned above. Regarding this, we conduct questionings concerning the origin of the materials at regular intervals.

Due to the fact that all declarations prepared by KME Mansfeld are based on the statements of primary material suppliers, we cannot give any guarantee for this.

We ourselves do not directly import minerals and, thus, we do not import so-called conflict minerals such as cassiterite (tin ore), columbite-tantalite (coltan, tantalum ore), gold and wolframite (tungsten ore) from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the neighbouring countries.