Fast, flexible, prolific.
Wire rod from KME Mansfeld.

Cast-rolled wire is used as the primary product for our drawn wires. Our Contirod® technology enables us to supply very large volumes at an outstanding level of quality. Because we have our own foundry and our own drawing plant, our most challenging customer is KME Mansfeld itself.

KME Mansfeld supplies the entire spectrum of cast-rolled wire, from thick, medium and fine wire to wire rope and stranded wire. Dimensions ranging from 8 mm to 22 mm are transformed by our colleagues next door into wire ropes and stranded wire of sizes as small as 0.05 mm. We offer wire rope and alloy wire in a wide range of finishes. Wires with very varied combinations of properties have been part of our production and delivery range since we were founded in 1909.

Founding, casting and rolling are all one fully integrated process at KME Mansfeld. We melt down each separate type of waste fully without any loss of quality whatsoever. This has several benefits for our customers: we keep full control of our material, we’re extremely flexible, and we’re very fast. It only takes three hours to draw cast-rolled wire into a 0.05 mm fine wire – which is thinner than a human hair.

*Contirod® is a trademark of AURUBIS BELGIUM, société anonyme