Stimulating the economy – uninterrupted.

We manufacture all of our strip products on the Conti-M®. The cast-rolling technology we developed works without interruption by transferring metal melted from cathodes into a solid state via a twin-belt casting machine. From there it goes directly into the hot-rolling mill and continues on to become milled hot-rolled strip. The Conti-M® process bypasses the conventional step of hot-rolling slabs, working instead continuously from liquid to solid state, thus tying up the first part of the process chain in an innovative way.

Our hot-rolled strip has a maximum width of 1,250 mm and leaves the plant as a coil weighing up to 25 tonnes. The system is designed for all common copper qualities such as SF-Cu, E-Cu, SE-Cu and highly pure OF-Cu. Our large coils are then processed further on our cold rolling line. There, in the second stage of the process chain, strips of copper and copper alloy are rolled down to thicknesses of as little as 0.06 mm.