Drilling deep suits us.
Even above ground.

Here in Hettstedt we no longer mine using hammer and pick. But the name of the road on which our headquarters is situated – Lichtlöcherberg – does betray our origins. Narrow, often oval shafts that supplied miners with fresh air underground are called Lichtlöcher – light-holes. They may not have actually provided light, but they did provide oxygen. Fresh air was also needed for the lighting underground, which in the early days was not electrical.

Fresh air – a pretty term for what we usually call research and development. In other words: replacing old with new, bringing freshness into something so that we can dig deeper. Copper and its alloys are prehistoric metals. You would think there would be nothing left to discover about them. But there is. Working with our collaborators and partners we are busy creating pioneering solutions for the future – especially in the fields of electromobility and energy.