Axel Towers

  • Axel Towers to get a brass façade from Hettstedt
  • 1,550 façade elements made of 5 mm sheets
  • Durable, sustainable and maintenance-free building material

KME Mansfeld based in Hettstedt has delivered a total of 240 tons of special brass sheet for one of the currently most spectacular building projects in Europe: The five up to 61 m high round Axel Towers asymmetrically grouped one next to the other will dominate the skyline of Copenhagen with their shining brass façades in future. An advantage: façades made of brass are durable, maintenance-free and do not need painting. Moreover, the alloy used for Axel Towers will not form any verdigree. Copper and copper alloys from Hettstedt are in demand for large construction projects all over the world, whether for office buildings, hotels, universities, concert halls, cathedrals or mosques.
A project like Axel Towers makes us proud and shows that we are an efficient and solution-oriented partner for major projects of this kind.

Construction phase of only seven months

After a construction phase lasting only seven months, the buildings that house offices and shops on 23,500 square meters, as well as underground car parks and service floors on 18,500 square meters, are to be finished as early as April. A total of 1,550 façade elements made of 0.5 cm thin brass sheet were mounted on the façade with a surface area measuring 14,500 m². “We opted for brass sheet from KME Mansfeld because the company supplies a sophisticated full range of products in the required standard at a market-oriented price. Naturally, the positive experience from other flagship projects with KME Mansfeld reinforced our decision. It’s advantageous to be able to rely so thoroughly on a strong partner“, stated Franz Ebert, head of sales at Neuenstein-based FKN-Fassaden, the company responsible for building the façade.

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