Talented individuals. An exceptional company. Good prospects.

Talented individuals

Our employees are our most important resource. Nothing would happen without them. Copper doesn’t reveal itself until processed and refined. From the foundry, to production, to marketing and distribution, and including our centralised services – the means by which value is added can always be improved. The ideas and processes that achieve this come from our workforce. We want to bring new people to MKM for the future: people who think with us, who are committed, and who have a good eye for quality. Talented individuals – at MKM we already have many of them enriching us. It is this talent which we wish to cultivate and promote.

An exceptional company

KME Mansfeld is a global technology leader in copper and brass semi-finished products. KME Mansfeld is the only manufacturer in the world to offer wire, strips, tubes, bars and sheets from a single source. It is one of the biggest employers in Sachsen-Anhalt and is represented worldwide by numerous sales offices. Our workforce of over 1,100 people produced about 280,000 tons of copper in 2018, which we supplied to around 1,000 customers in 60 countries. But we want to achieve more. We aim to grow by more than 50% over the next three years. We want to become a major supplier to end-customers in the automotive industry, we want to permanently supply the growing electromobility industry, and we want to assert ourselves in the renewable energy industry with our high quality copper solutions – the ones we have and the ones that are still to come. But we also want to become a partner in solving major challenges such as how to protect the natural environment, how to transform mobility, and how to deal with increasing urbanisation. 

People who think ahead, people who want to achieve something in their work so that they can leave future generations a planet worth living on, will find interesting challenges awaiting them here. That is because our product touches upon questions of global importance. Will you be part of answering them?

Good prospects

We offer our employees and their families – some of whom have been with us for four generations – an attractive environment to work in and good prospects. Committed work is important to us at every level of our company. Work at KME Mansfeld is interesting, even unique in many areas, which is because of the special material with which we work. We know that money does not buy the motivation you need to take responsibility for a job and complete it on your own initiative. But despite this, remuneration which is clear and appropriate to performance is important to us.

KME Mansfeld. More than just a career.