The sooner, the better.

Undergoing practical training is first and foremost something you do for yourself. As a practical trainee you will receive some initial insights into the professional world. You will become better acquainted with a particular industry by familiarising yourself with the company you choose to train at. At MKM, as well as performing typical duties and working procedures, you will find out more about what constitutes daily work here and what your future might be like with us.

Short-term school student practical training

MKM enables school students to spend some exciting days at the company as part of their regular school-based practical education. You will be able to look behind the scenes in many areas of the company. You will learn how raw copper ends up as wire, tubing or copper strip. You will watch our rolling mill operators and foundrymen at work, and see what our lab technicians get up to.

Multi-week practical training

Our multi-week practical training course will give you some quality time at MKM. By visiting different departments of your choice for defined periods, you will be able to gain a picture of whether training at MKM is the right choice for you. Depending on the area of the company – such as administration or production – you will be given particular tasks to complete in coordination with the person responsible for your practical training. At the end of the practical training you will be given some feedback aimed at assisting you personally and in your career.