Know quickly where you stand.

If you apply to train with us, you will of course want to know quickly whether you’ve been accepted. Because MKM receives a lot of applications (and not just for training positions), we have written down here the way the application process works with us.

Your application reaches us.

You will receive confirmation that your application has been received by the same means that you sent your application in by. If you applied via e-mail, confirmation will be automatic, otherwise you will receive it within seven days.

We study your documents carefully to make sure they are complete and suitable. If they are not suitable then you will be declined straight away.

The applicants who suit us best will receive a letter specifying an interview date. Because this will involve several people, it is not usually possible to change the date. Generally speaking this will happen two weeks after the end of the application deadline.

After your personal interview, we will evaluate the results.

Acceptance and offer of contract
Following further internal consultations, all of the selected candidates will be told in writing that they were selected, about two weeks after the interview. This letter will include other documents such as welcome package, your training contract (two copies) and other things.

Not until now will all the other applicants be turned down.

We hope you will understand that we cannot provide any information about the progress of applications or about who may have been accepted into particular positions. We therefore request that you do not enquire by telephone or e-mail.
If you yourself should decide on a different offer or withdraw your application for other reasons, then please tell us as soon as possible out of courtesy to other applicants. Thank you.